Saturday, January 2, 2010

I'm back!

Hello again, dear strangers!

As most of you can see, I haven't posted a blog in sometime. The reason for this is simple -- no time. Family issues, life, shoe sales. . . . The list does go on. And Emilee, my assistant has also been busy with her things, so very little got done. But, I'm here, and that's all that matters! Its a new year and I'm going to start off fresh.

I have big news: over my break, I've been writing. Of course, when I say writing, I don't mean just writing in general, I mean working on a book. And aside from Videlle Marshall, its a work of art, if no one of the best things I've ever written. Then again, that's for you to decide, not me.

Must be off! Don't forget to show off your true colors!

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