Sunday, October 11, 2009

My First Book Signing.

As much as I wish it was for my book, it wasn't. It happened to be for Lauren Myracle, the author of Eleven, Twelve, Thirteen, Luv Ya Bunches, Rhymes With Witches, and BFF. I went along with my assistant, Emilee, and her friend Sandy, also know as the blogger, Piratepenguinreads. Lauren was nicer than I could've ever imagined. She's so down to earth, and sweet. Its no wonder why she writers tween books, she's so sweet, you'd think she'd be a teacher; at least one who cares about her students.
Well, after asking some questions, she gave Emilee and I some good advise, and hopfully, this time next year, some of you will be in a bookstore, waiting to meet me. Although she was allowing to take pictures with her, I didn't take any. Still, she was absolutely amazing, and I hope one day, just maybe, I could co-write with her. Hey, her dreams came true, why not mine?


  1. I'm still feeling happy and we only met her for an hour! I hope she remembers us x)